The 5 Day Toe Touch Challenge

Tight hamstrings are one of the main reasons you can’t touch your toes and one of the main reasons you get lower back pain/tightness.  

The 5-day toe touch challenge will not only get you closer to touching the ground, but it will give you freedom. 

Freedom to move pain free, freedom for your tight lower back, Freedom to get back to what you love doing.  

Click on the link below to sign up. 

What You'll get:  

  •  A new exercise each day (for 5 days) with instructional video to help you get your hands closer to your toes.

I'm Up For The Challenge

"We are your movement mentor. We help you Move Better, Feel Better, Be Better so that you can take back control of your body. We help you trust your body again, give you the freedom to do want you want, when you want, and figure out a long term plan to help you get there".  

Glenn Stevens: Owner/Sports Chiropractor

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